Q. Are Apraise® products vegan and cruelty free?

Apraise® products are cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians, however some products contain Beeswax and therefore are not suitable for vegans.

Q. When should a patch test be done?

Patch tests with Apraise® products should be taken 48 hours before each tinting appointment.

Q. Can you use Apraise® products on pregnant clients?

We do not recommend applying tints on pregnant clients during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Q: How long will the Apraise® tint last when applied?

Apraise® Eyelash & Eyebrow Tints last up to 8 weeks, depending on how the application reacts to the hair. The treatment however, can be repeated on a regular basis.

Q: Is the colour that comes out of the Tinting tube the end colour?

No. The tint needs to be mixed with the developer to achieve the correct colour.

Q: How can I protect clients’ skin from staining?

When applying Apraise® to either eyelash or eyebrow, always apply a Petroleum Jelly around the brow/eye area to protect against staining. Avoid direct contact with the eyebrow and eyelashes as these will then not be tinted.

Q: Do clients need to remove make-up?

Yes, make-up must be removed before applying any Apraise® tint product as eyelashes and eyebrows must be completely clean. Use Apraise® Pre Wax and Tint Cleansing Lotion for the best long lasting tinting result. Avoid using an oily eye make-up remover.

Q: What is the correct developing time for tinting eyelashes and eyebrows?

Developing times are between 5-10 minutes; the longer you leave the application the more intense the colour will be. The application time can vary, depending on what colour you are trying to achieve. Should the colour not be intense enough, apply more of the tint and leave for a longer duration, until the correct colour is achieved.

Q: How does the Apraise® Power Serum work?

Active ingredients within Apraise® Power Serum help to promote hair growth and stimulate hair strengthening genes. By promoting hair bulb keratinocyte proliferation, eyelashes and brows appear longer, fuller and stronger.

Q: How do you apply the eyelash and eyebrow tint?

Please follow this step-by-step procedure below:

  1. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. NB: Patch Test – 48hrs prior to treatment. Cleanse eyebrows and eyelashes with Apraise® Pre Wax and Tint Cleansing Lotion to achieve this.
  2. Mix colour (directly before use of tint solution, stir tint with 2cm of colour and 10 drops of Tint or Cream Developer until the consistency is a creamy paste. (Note: all colours of tint will look brown when first squeezed out of the tube, until it has had time to oxidize.)
  3. Apply a small amount of Petroleum Jelly around the eyebrows (for eyebrow tinting) and/or on the upper and lower eyelids for lash tinting using a Q-tip cotton swab. This prevents the tint penetrating through.
  4. Apply Protective Eye Sheets underneath the lower lashes
  5. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eyes immediately if product comes in contact with them. Contains hydrogen peroxide (3%).
  6. Apply tint paste to eyelashes/eyebrows using a tinting brush, without touching the skin. Wipe off any tint touching the skin with a moist Q-tip cotton swab
  7. Developing times: Between 5-10 minutes the longer, the more intense the colour will be. After residence time, remove the colour with water and a cotton swab
  8. Remove Protective sheets – Carefully remove the protecting papers and remove the excess colour with a dry cotton ball. Remove the remaining tint residue gently with damp cotton wool. If necessary use the Apraise® Stain Remover to remove splashes or stains that may have occurred.