Are Apraise® products vegan and cruelty free?

Apraise products are all cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians, however some products contain Beeswax and therefore are not suitable for vegans.

When should a patch test be done?

Can you use Apraise® products on pregnant clients?

How long will the Apraise® tint last when applied?

Is the colour that comes out of the tinting tube the end colour?

How can I protect clients’ skin from staining?

Do clients need to remove make-up?

What is the correct developing time for tinting eyelashes and eyebrows?

My client has overplucked their brows, leaving them sparse and thin. What can you recommend?

My client has sensitive skin and suffers from irritation and puffiness around the eyes. What can you recommend?

What can I use to soothe the eye area pre and post waxing treatment?