High Shine, Strong Staining Power

Eyelash and eyebrow tint for longer lasting results

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Apraise 100% Vegan & PPD Free

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We are a leading salon professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting brand. The quality of our products is at the heart of everything we do. All our products are created and tested to the precise requirements of the salon professional allowing them to create the perfect brows and lashes for their clients. Retail products complement the range to ensure that clients can continue to look after their lashes and brows after their salon treatment.

Key features



for results up to 8 weeks

Contains Optic Chroma Complex

for depth and vibrancy of colour


for sparse thin brows and lashes

Luminous shine

conditioning formula containing beeswax

20ml tube

    up to 40 applications per tube


   for long lasting glossy results

5 intermixable

   to help you achieve the perfect brow colour 



always and forever

Salon favourite in over 40 countries worldwide

Apraise® professional Lash and Brow tinting range includes a full range of tinting products required to create perfect brows and lashes, as well as attractive consumer products which add extra value to lash and brow businesses.

Salon favourite in over 40 countries worldwide