Open your eyes to Apraise®

Apraise® offers an exclusive collection of products to create the perfect eyebrow and eyelash tint from start to finish. Consisting of professional tints and accessories, as well as a new Eye Cream and Eye Serum, this diverse range is the ultimate system for transforming the eye complete area.


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Apraise® visibly transforms your appearance

Apraise® professional eyelash and eyebrow tint contains active ingredients to ensure long lasting, vibrant colour and luminous shine for a result that visibly transforms the appearance of the eyelash and eyebrow.

Created for the salon professional, Apraise® eyelash and eyebrow tinting system with Optic Chroma Complex fuses colour pigment technology and Beeswax with a rich cream base, to penetrate deep into the hair shaft providing radiant colour from root to tip.

This blend of active ingredients ensures long lasting, intense colour and condition for a result that visibly transforms the appearance of every eyelash and eyebrow.


Apraise® offers

This elegant complete range of eyelash & eyebrow tints and accessories is perfect for not only beauty therapists, but for professionals on the move. With something for everyone from the Apraise® starter kit, which is ideal for students, to a complete Lash and Brow Station Kit it will enhance every clients assets. Apraise® has an accurate application finish and in the hands of a trained professional, it offers clients a long lasting tinting experience.


Apraise® delivers

For more information about the APRAISE® range, please contact sales@apraise.co.uk.